Free Website Mini Audit

If your health and wellness website is struggling, it may be hurting your business.  

Our Health Muse free website mini audit will identify several places where your site is underperforming. We’ll tell you what’s wrong, why, and how to fix it in a free 10 minute video.

If you aren’t getting enough online inquiries, and you don’t know why, then this is what you need.

Website Mini Audit Features

Our technical website specialist will examine your site and identify several problem areas.

The audit is completely non-invasive and safe. We work purely off the publicly visible parts of your website.

We’ll record a custom 10 minute, private video that goes through what we found.

No obligation. You’re free to do what you like with your results, including shopping around with our competitors.

Many health coaches and therapists are being let down by their own sites. 

Don’t be one of them.  

Let us help you reach your audience online.  

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