Web Copy

You know the 5-second rule for food, right?  Well, there’s a similar rule for web copy.  If a web page doesn’t grab the reader within 5 seconds, they’re gonna click the back button.  

Whether your web copy needs a refresh or you’re building a new site, you need messaging that resonates with your site visitors, engages them, and makes them want to know more.  With me, you’ll get copy that reaches out and grabs your audience by the lapels before they even THINK of going somewhere else.  Sales pages, landing pages, service pages, product descriptions… name it, I’ve got it covered.

Want search-engine-optimzed copy that also reads like a dream (hint: those two are NOT always the same thing)?   Get in touch and let me get my hands on it. 

Plan prices vary according to the size of your project.  Click here for a quote.

Content Writing

Well researched, professionally written, and regularly updated content is essential to a business’s marketing plan.  (Hey, Forbes said it. Who am I to argue?) Good content provides value to your audience, defines you as an expert, builds trust, enables you to build a content library that enhances your search engine results, attracts new customers, elevates your brand, and drives your website views.

In other words, you can’t afford NOT to have a great content plan.   Content creation should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy.  

I’ll write your emails, articles, ebooks, or anything else you need in the content world. 

Plans start at $500. Go here for a quote on your project.

Your Blog, Done Right

Every so often we hear that blogging is dead.

And it is.

Aimless, self-indulgent blogging, that is.

Focused blogging that showcases your brand voice and keeps your company top-of-mind with your customers and prospects, on the other hand, has never been more relevant.

A well-written blog helps build customer relationships while strengthening your authority and increase social exposure — in short, it builds a strong foundation for your marketing.

Throw in a distinct and consistent brand voice, and you have a winning formula for a blog that aces your marketing goals.

I’ll do your blog right.

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